Clinsher helps you manage easily and efficiently your recruitment process with recruitment agencies.

Save time, lighten the burden of sending feedbacks, free you from daily and redundant administrative tasks.

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An innovative tool to optimize your recruitments

Post your briefing on the platform and give access to recruitment agencies.

Receive all candidates introduced by your recruitment agencies on a unique platform

We are GDPR compliant.

Our Artificial Intelligence helps you to identify the most qualified profiles.

Track de performance of your recruitment agencies

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Save time and money with our technology

  • Access your talents introduced by recruitment agencies on a unique platform;
  • Manage efficiently your candidate list and recruitment agencies;
  • Automate and centralize certain redundant actions ;
  • Our artificial intelligence helps you identify the best profiles.
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What else ?

Never lose control over your recruitment budget

Do not waste any more time.

Find your perfect candidate rapidly.

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