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What is Clinsher?

Clinsher is an innovative tool that allows recruitment agencies and employers to collaborate efficiently.

Why should I send my candidates via Clinsher?

Because we have worked hard to bring together in a single tool all the requirements that Employers expect from recruitment agencies when prospecting. By sending your candidates via Clinsher you increase your possibilities of placement compared to sending them by email and you also triple the response and motivation rate!

Do I need to have received a code from an employer to use Clinsher?

No, if you are not one of the recruitment agencies that have received a code from an employer to give you access to their briefings, you can subscribe to one of the Plans that give you access to all the briefings posted by the Employers and thus enter the race. Conversely, for those who have a code, the “One-Time Product” applies.

Can I choose the amount of the commission in case of placement?

Yes, on Clinsher you determine the value of your service in case of placement. Our platform is aimed at recruitment agencies of all sizes, so it is logical that the commission fees are not identical. Of course, the commission is only due if there is a placement.

Why do I need to create a profile on Clinsher?

The creation of a profile is important in order to highlight your skills and your agency’s brand to Employers.

Ps: We have made it easy for you to create your profile so that you waste as little time as possible.

Will my recruiter profile be visible to other recruitment agencies?

No, your profile will only be visible to the Employers you choose to engage with.

What happens when one of your candidate is selected?

When one of your candidates is selected it means that the Employer agrees to meet your candidate for an interview. 

Can I use my terms of business on Clinsher?

Yes, you should send your terms of business to the Employers you are engaged with.

Can I ask the Employers questions about a briefing?

Yes, you can ask the Employers any questions that you feel are necessary if information is missing from the briefing. But usually briefings are very exhaustive so that you do not need to waste time.

What assignments will I find on Clinsher?

We do not limit ourselves to any particular sector as recruitment agencies have different expertise.