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At Clinsher, we are fueled by innovation and optimism. Knowing that we are making a difference in the way that employers find their talents by strengthening the recruitment experience and offering on a larger scale to small and medium companies, access to recruitment services is at the core of what drives us to grow and perform. 

The mission we’re taking over is to provide Employers with efficient tools to identify and collaborate with the most suitable Recruitment Agencies for their vacant technical positions without losing control over their recruitment budget and short deadlines while connecting with multiple recruiters. 


People excelling at finding technical talents are joining Clinsher network to develop their clients’ portfolios, grow their fee income, and benefit from a performance tracker system to spread their accomplishments and triple their online visibility. 


We created Clinsher because we realized that a lot of businesses were struggling with the slow, rigid, and expensive service provided by big recruitment agencies corporations. We thought to a more personal and transparent approach as ultimately, there is a person behind every brand who will be in charge of truly understanding your company DNA, culture, and need.


Our core Values

Life only gets better when you decide to be better. Users first. Candidates matter. Be transparent, fun and successful. Commit to integrity and excellence. Take innovative risks. Be real.

Our Mission

Is to change the way hiring companies work with Recruiters.

Our Vision

Digitalization of the recruitment services. Build the largest community of Talent Finders worldwide.